AT-2048 / AT.One New Software

ALBEDO TELECOM announces the release of a new software for the AT-2048 and AT.One E1, T1 and Datacom handheld analyzers.


New software version 1.28.3 for the AT.2028 E1 / Datacom analyzer and version 1.6.3 for the AT.One E1 / T1 / Datacom analyzer include one-way delay measurements in TDM interfaces required to assess operation of circuit emulation over packet and tele-protection circuits for power utility companies. The new release also enables users to generate professional looking reports of their tests including both alphanumeric and graphical data. To know more about the new features, download the release notes.

The ALBEDO TELECOM AT2048 is a rouged full-featured E1/Datacom handheld tester that provides easy navigation and high-resolution screen. The AT.One offers the same functions and advantages than the AT-2048 but it also includes support of T1 communications interface.

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