• ACAPULCO 21-25.JUL.2024

    La Exposición integra con las principales empresas e instituciones mexicanas e internacionales de la industria eléctrica y electrónica, con especialización en los Procesos de Generación, Transmisión, Distribución, Control y Automatización.

    by Albedo


  • IRVINE JUL.6.2024

    While the fundamentals of the power grid remain, digital technologies have transformed its operation, leading to the development of a smarter, more efficient and resilient grid. Let's look at how new communications are being deployed and tested.


    One of the xGenius advantages is the ability to simulate different PTP entities at the same time with multi-port configurations. This note deals with one of these configurations that enables the unit to simulate two PTP slaves at the same time.

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  • NAIROBI JUN.26.2024

    This is an annual international trade fair for power generation, electrical engineering, and alternative energy sources, first established in 2012. It takes place at the renowned Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) in Nairobi (Kenia)

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  • BARCELONA JUNE.11.2024

    Net.Time Ω is a modular 4-port GbE clock (TCXO/OCXO/Rb) that meets most industry requirements for WAN or LAN timing. Supports PTP (Telecom & Power), NTP, PRP, ToD, PPS, IRIG-G-B, DCF77, SyncE, MHz, T1/E1, ASCII, Alarms (Electronic & Mechanic relays)

  • Mobile (AL) 05.22.2024

    ALBEDO Telecom showcases Net.Time a cutting-edge network clock for PTP/PRP/NTP/IRIG-B and xGenius a test solution to install and maintain MPLS WAN, IEC 61850 standards and C37.94 teleprotection. Contact us at booth #1020

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  • RIO DE JANEIRO 9-12 ABRIL 2024

    Realizado pela UTC América Latina, entidade sem fins lucrativos, o UTCAL SUMMIT tem como seu principal objetivo promover a aproximação e o debate das questões-chave para as telecomunicações das Utilities da América Latina.

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  • ZARAGOZA APR.08.2024

    This is a XGSPON/GPON analyser that captures and interprets PLOAM and OMCI data, extracts user traffic at Ethernet layer, measures optical power and detect and report line fault. Ideal for PON installation, ONT/OLT certification and troubleshooting.


    ALBEDO TELECOM announces the release of a new software for the Net.Time φ, Net.Time Ω and Net.Time τ PTP and NTP grandmasters.

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  • SAN JOSE MARCH.06.2024

    Welcome to the cutting-edge world of ALBEDO's transmission & synchronization testers. In this post, we're providing a comprehensive set of hands-on courses that will facilitate you to harness the full potential of the most advanced T&M solutions.

  • ORLANDO FEB.27.2024

    For another year, ALBEDO inc. will have a booth at the Distributech show, which will be held this year in Orlando. There we will present our latest products, including the xGenius and Zeus testers, and Net.Time the ultimate clock.

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    ALBEDO TELECOM announces the release of a new software for the Zeus handheld Substation Tester.

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  • HONG KONG DEC.06.2023

    Seedland Integrator, a pioneering force in the world of embedded solutions, has deployed Net.Time, ALBEDO's advanced PTP/NTP network clock, with robust redundancy architecture, in a Data Center Operations.

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