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    Net.Storm simulates links and networks in terms of bandwidth and quality of service. Traffic is separated into independent flows that receive specific treatment to replicate real-world traffic conditions through impairments and bandwidth limitations.

  • MIAMI FEB.27.2023

    This Post is an introduction to the long haul communication protocols that manage the power utility infrastructures. We are using timing as the key perspective while following the installation and commissioning good practices.

  • SAN DIEGO JUNE.06.22

    C37.94 is a widely used method in the industry for protecting power lines. It automatically trips a breaker on a line in the event of a fault, to isolate the fault and minimize damage to equipment and interruptions to power supply.

  • MIAMI 10.01.23

    xGenius and Zeus can simulate TDM network dynamics by generating impairments on a line that controls the C37.94 protection protocol. It is essential to test the impact these errors may cause in the lab or the field.

  • MIAMI 12.01.23

    We are a manufacturer of Clocks, Testers, Emulators and Taps that are used by Utilities, Telcos, Railways, Armies, Aerospace and R&D centers. Discover 2023 Portfolio of Produts

  • BARCELONA 12.01.23

    SNMP is a powerful yet simple solution to remote control, automation and management. The Net.Time family is compatible with SNMP versions 2c and 3 allowing for a full range of applications in scenarios of different complexities.

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