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  • ANTWERP NOV/11/2023

    IRIG-B provides accurate timing for internal clocks and systems to timestamp events in aerospace, utilities and control systems, so verifying IRIG-B performance is very important as it is the reference for mission critical applications.

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    Power substations function as the beating heart of energy grids, ensuring the seamless flow of electricity from power plants to our homes and businesses.

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  • BARCELONA 12.01.23

    SNMP is a powerful yet simple solution to remote control, automation and management. The Net.Time family is compatible with SNMP versions 2c and 3 allowing for a full range of applications in scenarios of different complexities.

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  • BARCELONA 01.05.23

    Net.Time φ is compatible with the PTP Utility Profile (IEC 61850-9-3) and PRP (IEC 62439-3). These protocols are great when they work together offering the failsafe, accurate timing over required in digital substation applications.

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    The frequency holdover or partial holdover function is an example of how frequency references could be used in phase & time synchronization. This Net.Time feature provides nanosecond accuracy for a long time when GNSS or PTP references are lost.

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  • MIAMI - JUNE 2019

    The accuracy of a watch depends on the application. Anyone who wants to catch a train has to have an eye on the minutes. In competitive sport, a hundredth of a second can be decisive and a packaging machine may need microsecond accuracy.

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