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  • SAN DIEGO JUNE.06.22

    C37.94 is a widely used method in the industry for protecting power lines. It automatically trips a breaker on a line in the event of a fault, to isolate the fault and minimize damage to equipment and interruptions to power supply.

  • MIAMI 10.01.23

    xGenius and Zeus can simulate TDM network dynamics by generating impairments on a line that controls the C37.94 protection protocol. It is essential to test the impact these errors may cause in the lab or the field.

  • MIAMI 09.01.22

    Protection schemes, such as C37.94, have the objective of keeping the Power System stable and isolated. For correct function the control of latency, latency variations and asymmetry is fundamental.

  • OKLAHOMA 06.06.22

    Use xGenius and Zeus to analyaze GOOSE which is a IEC 61850 messaging system used by IEDs and mission critical applications to tell about substation events , such as commands, alarms, indications and measurements.