C37.94 Training Courses

C37.94 is a widely used method in the industry for protecting power lines. It automatically trips a breaker on a line in the event of a fault, to isolate the fault and minimize damage to equipment and interruptions to power supply.


C37.94 Test

Field engineers can use ALBEDO testers to turn up new C37.94 deployments, or to troubleshoot tele-protection relays and multiplexer by means features such as bit error rate testing (BERT), G.821, events analysis/ generation, optical power meter one-way / round-trip delay, etc. to facilitate engineers to verify protection system that prevent outages in a power substations.

Operation Modes
  • C37.94 Endpoint
  • C37.94 Monitor
  • C37.94 Pass-through
  • C37.94 Loopback
  • G.703 E0 Endpoint

Fig 2. ALBEDO xGenius tester.

IEEE C37.94 test

Using a modules with dual port operation over SMF or MMF with suitable SFP and then a configurable bit-rate between 64 kb/s and 768 kb/s in steps of 64 kb/s, can be executed the following tests:

  1. Line Analysis
  2. Frame and Pattern Analysis
  3. Jitter and Wander Generation
  4. Jitter and Wander Analysis
  5. Latency tests including  One WaD
  6. Port Loopback
  7. Service Disruption Time
Training Courses


Through mode in C37.94 xGenius, Zeus Download
Impairments over C3794 xGenius, Zeus Download
Round-Trip-Delay in C37.94 xGenius, Zeus Download
One-Way-Delay in C37.94 xGenius, Zeus Download


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