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  • MIAMI 03.09.23

    During the last decades, most of our competitors started to manufacture their products in Asia... to save costs, however, ALBEDO decided to continue with its own factory in Europe to maintain the highest quality & the best delivery time.

  • MIAMI 12.01.23

    We are a manufacturer of Clocks, Testers, Emulators and Taps that are used by Utilities, Telcos, Railways, Armies, Aerospace and R&D centers. Discover 2023 Portfolio of Produts

  • MIAMI 01.01.23

    Wishing all our Customers and Partners a Merry Christmas. Happy New Year!

  • BARCELONA Oct-4th-2022

    Register your equipment (does a matter if it is old) to receive an Amazon coupon by email and you will also get software updates and a three-year warranty extension for your new product.