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    Net.Storm simulates links and networks in terms of bandwidth and quality of service. Traffic is separated into independent flows that receive specific treatment to replicate real-world traffic conditions through impairments and bandwidth limitations.

  • MIAMI FEB.27.2023

    This Post is an introduction to the long haul communication protocols that manage the power utility infrastructures. We are using timing as the key perspective while following the installation and commissioning good practices.

  • BARCELONA 05.12.22

    A synchrophasor is a device that measures electrical waves in an electrical network. A synchrophasor uses a common time reference to synchronize multiple measurements from remote points on the electrical network.

  • Miami 12.13.22

    WAN emulators generate those perturbances typical of IP / Ethernet networks to test applications, devices and protocols that should be tolerant with packet delay, jitter, loss, duplication, reordering, error and bandwidth variations.

  • MIAMI 12.12.22

    IRIG-B sends a timing signal every second at 100 pulse/sec rate therefore the 100 is the number of bits of each frame. IRIG-B info includes Year, Day of the year, Hour, Min and Sec.

  • MIAMI 07.15.22

    Teleprotection systems must isolate faults very quickly to preventing damage to the network and power outages. The IEEE committee defined the C37.94 as a optical fibre interface to providecommunications between relays and multiplexers.