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    One of the xGenius advantages is the ability to simulate different PTP entities at the same time with multi-port configurations. This note deals with one of these configurations that enables the unit to simulate two PTP slaves at the same time.

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  • MIAMI NOV.23.2023

    NTP remains relevant due to its simplicity, widespread adoption, lower costs, and suitability for scenarios where ultra-high precision is not a critical factor.

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  • BARCELONA NOV.17.2023

    GNSS is not only critical for verifying the accuracy of protocols such as PTP, SyncE, IRIG-B, 1PPS or NTP, but it is also required for one-way delay (OWD) measurements with two testers and for generating transmission and timing protocols.

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  • BARCELONA NOV.23.2023

    Counts, statistics, LEDs provide info about the events and how they were recorded, but they do not say much about how they are distributed in time. This information provides the logger with a representation to track the evolution of key parameters.

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  • MIAMI NOV.21.2023

    The use of Ethernet, MPLS, and IEC-61850 in power grid networks enables the deployment of robust and scalable infrastructures, as well as the use of standard protocols that facilitate interoperability, control, and service efficiency.

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  • BARCELONA NOV.20.2023

    MPLS is considered a reliable and efficient technology for supporting mission-critical applications as it provides a mechanism for efficient packet forwarding,allowing for the creation of virtual private networks (VPN)

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