• SAO PAULO OCT.03.2023

    The largest platform for content and connectivity in Latin America. For over 20 years promoting the market, combining exposure, experiences, debates, networking and demonstrations on the impacts of technology applications.

    by Albedo


  • MIAMI 03.09.23

    During the last decades, most of our competitors started to manufacture their products in Asia... to save costs, however, ALBEDO decided to continue with its own factory in Europe to maintain the highest quality & the best delivery time.

  • VANCOUVER BC - March.13/15.23

    ALBEDO will participate in the North America’s Premier Timing & Sync Event WSTS is a vendor-neutral technology workshop that will address evolving sync requirements, as well as the roll-out of new systems and how affect industries and manufacturers.


    ALBEDO TELECOM announces the release of a new software for the Net.Time φ, Net.Time Ω and Net.Time τ PTP and NTP grandmasters.

  • MIAMI FEB.27.2023

    This Post is an introduction to the long haul communication protocols that manage the power utility infrastructures. We are using timing as the key perspective while following the installation and commissioning good practices.

  • BARCELONA Feb 23-24

    Learn about the new Synchronization and testing solutions that enable massive deployment of next generation networks in the Power Utilities, 5G, Air traffic control, Railways and Financial industry.

  • SAN DIEGO FEB.07.23

    ALBEDO inc. is participating in Distributech exhibition in San Diego the annual event about the electricity business from the Power Plant to the Substation we always have outstanding products for the Utility industry.

  • MIAMI Feb.03.23

    Net.Time 𝜏 is a PTP/NTP/SyncE clock with double opt/elec interfaces at 1Gb/s. Once locked to the selected time reference, it delivers highly accurate timing signals that maintains in hold-over mode thanks to its OCXO or Ru oscillator.


    ALBEDO TELECOM announces the release of a new software for the Net.Time φ, Net.Time Ω and Net.Time τ PTP and NTP grandmasters.


    ALBEDO will participate in this annual event about the electricity business that is driving grid innovation under increased regulatory pressure, intense cybersecurity threat, and rapidly rising demand for renewables integration.

  • SAN DIEGO JUNE.06.22

    C37.94 is a widely used method in the industry for protecting power lines. It automatically trips a breaker on a line in the event of a fault, to isolate the fault and minimize damage to equipment and interruptions to power supply.

  • MIAMI 10.01.23

    xGenius and Zeus can simulate TDM network dynamics by generating impairments on a line that controls the C37.94 protection protocol. It is essential to test the impact these errors may cause in the lab or the field.

  • MIAMI 12.01.23

    We are a manufacturer of Clocks, Testers, Emulators and Taps that are used by Utilities, Telcos, Railways, Armies, Aerospace and R&D centers. Discover 2023 Portfolio of Produts