GPON Doctor 10k7 (GPD 10k7)

This is a XGSPON/GPON analyser that captures and interprets PLOAM and OMCI data, extracts user traffic at Ethernet layer, measures optical power and detect and report line fault. Ideal for PON installation, ONT/OLT certification and troubleshooting.


We are thrilled to introduce the latest innovation in network analysis tools: GPONDoctor 10K7. This powerful protocol analyser sets a new standard in the industry, offering unparalleled capabilities for troubleshooting, certification, and interoperability analysis in GPON and XGSPON networks.


GPON Doctor infers the state of the FTTH network under analysis.

Fig 1. GPD 10k7 infers the state of the FTTH network under analysis.

Features and Benefits

The GPON Doctor 10K7 is the essential self-contained test solution for maintaining optimal network performance. Its portability and interoperability testing capabilities make it the ideal solution for telecom operators during the design, deployment, maintenance, and troubleshooting phases. Additionally, it provides valuable conformity and interoperability validation for ONU and OLT vendors.

  • Traffic Capture: it captures both, upstream and downstream bit-level data, in real-time over the fiber to monitor negotiation processes and configurations.
  • User Data Extraction: It extracts user data at the Ethernet layer, enabling operators to monitor and optimise network traffic effectively.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: it provides deep insights into the optical network applying a set of rules to captured data to certify compliance with ITU-T G.9807.x or ITU-T G.984.x recommendations.
  • Graphic representation:  it represents the OMCI entity/relationship diagrams with alarms and errors, and bandwidth allocation diagrams by ONT and T-CONT.

    Fig 2. Fiber optics installation.

  • Advanced Interpretation: With the ability to interpret PLOAM and OMCI level control information, GPONDoctor 10K7 offers precise diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities.
  • QoS assessment:  It is possible to regenerate established services on a PON network and evaluate the QoS and QoE of services configured over a PON.
  • Optical Power Measurement: GPONDoctor 10K7 measures optical power accurately, ensuring optimal network performance.
  • Fault Detection and Reporting: Detect and report line faults swiftly, minimising downtime and maximising network reliability.
Who Can Benefit
  • Telecom Operators: Enhance network performance, OLT / ONT acceptance test with efficient diagnosis and identification of issues, in order to ensure seamless service delivery to customers.
  • GPON and XGSPON Installers: Validate network installations, troubleshoot connectivity problems, and ensure quality assurance.
  • OLT / ONT Manufacturers: Conduct rigorous interoperability testing, certify product compliance, and stay ahead in a competitive market.

Whether you’re an operator striving for network excellence, an installer committed to quality installations, or a manufacturer dedicated to product innovation, GPONDoctor 10K7 is your ultimate solution.

Fig 3. GPON Doctor 10k7 in Operation.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionise your network analysis capabilities with GPONDoctor 10K7. Get in touch with our team today to explore how GPONDoctor 10K7 can transform your network operations.

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