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This is an annual international trade fair for power generation, electrical engineering, and alternative energy sources, first established in 2012. It takes place at the renowned Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) in Nairobi (Kenia)


Power & Energy Africa

The KICC is a significant event center in East Africa, providing a modern infrastructure to host international events at the highest level. The fair is organized by Expogroup UAE, a company based in Dubai, and specializes in presenting and promoting products and services in the fields of power generation, renewable energies, and energy efficiency.

Fig 1. Power and Energy event

It offers companies and professionals in the energy industry a platform to showcase their latest technologies, solutions, and innovations to a broad professional audience. Industries represented at the fair include power generation, distribution, and storage, solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, biogas, geothermal energy, energy networks, and energy management systems. Power & Energy Africa places particular emphasis on sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies to meet the growing energy demand in Africa and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

Fig 2. POLYNET and ALBEDO in Nairobi.

A highlight of the fair includes numerous lectures, workshops, and networking events that promote the exchange of knowledge and experience and facilitate cooperation among various players in the energy industry. Over the years, Power & Energy Africa has become one of the most important energy fairs on the African continent, attracting thousands of trade visitors from all over the world annually.

Meet us  at booth #328 

PolyNet Ltd is proud to announce its participation in the upcoming Power Energy  showcasing cutting-Edge Network Testing Solutions. The event will serve as a platform for ALBEDO Telecom to showcase its latest innovations in network testing solutions, including its revolutionary xGenius testers, Zeus for testing IEC 61850 standards, and Net.Time, the next-generation network clock supporting both new and legacy synchronization standards:

  • Net.Time, a state-of-the-art network clock that represents the next generation of synchronization solutions. Net.Time is designed to support both contemporary and traditional synchronization standards, ensuring accurate and reliable network timing for all network operations.


Fig 3. Net.Time the universal protocol translator.



  • xGenius testers by ALBEDO Telecom are set to redefine the way Power Utility Networks are verified. With advanced features and precise testing capabilities, xGenius testers promise to streamline network testing processes for power utilities, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Fig 4. Discover the latest features in PTP, NTP and IRIG-B testing

About the event

The POWER & ENERGY KENYA is the only exhibition dedicated to the power and energy sector in the region. Being the largest power event in the industry the event showcases products and services to the industry’s largest gathering of qualified decision-makers, buyers, service provider, importers and distributers.  International exporters choose Power & Energy Expo to make their mark in the East African region. Exhibitors get access to trade visitors from all over East & Central Africa as well as regional trade bodies in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Somalia, Mozambique & Congo


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