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Join ALBEDO in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. CIGRE, a global technical forum, is organising this symposium which will focus on the integrated power system and its transformation through new technologies such as IEC-61850.

CAIRNS SEPT/4-7/2023

The end2end Electricity System

The theme of the symposium is the end-to-end power system: transition, development, operation and integration. The symposium will focus on the integrated power system and the transition to the power system of the future. It will seek to identify what can be learned from experience and current developments in the power system, and what changes are needed to move towards a sustainable power system.

These issues are particularly relevant as the world moves to transition the power industry to a lower carbon future. This transition affects all aspects of the power system, from end-user loads, through transmission and distribution networks, to the largest generators. Solutions will require new technologies, complemented by innovative ideas to optimise the balance between load and generation. The timing of this global symposium is therefore very timely and will allow participants to discuss how different countries are tackling these issues from both a technical and economic perspective.

The four-day international event will involve eleven of CIGRE’s sixteen Study Committees and more than forty working group meetings. There will therefore be many opportunities to engage with the experts involved in these technical challenges.


CIGRE is the global technical forum for large electric systems and aims to support our members in leveraging our global network to develop enhanced solutions for Australian organisations and the community.

CIGRE counts more than 14000 equivalent members in over 90 countries. This membership is composed of researchers, academics, engineers, technicians, suppliers, and other decision makers, and is supported by 3500 experts actively collaborating in a structured work programme.

In Australia, we have over 100 organisations and 550 active members contributing to and leveraging the global network to meet our challenging market and geographic environment.

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Accurate time synchronisation is a key driver for the success of today’s most widely used technologies. Telecommunications, finance, utilities, broadcasting, transportation, IoT and defence are developing with critical time triggers in many of their systems.

Fig 1. Discover the latest resources for PTP, NTP and IRIG-B testing


Power Utilities continue to demand tighter ‘synchronisation’, particularly for utility operations, driven by demands for much higher spectral efficiency and the migration to small cells, which are particularly reliant on synchronisation. Next generation IEC 61850 networks now have new, more stringent requirements for time synchronisation.

Fig 2. Visit us to see the latest achievements in PTP/NTP/PRP network clocks.


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