GOOSE Auditor

GOOSE Auditor displays the IED topology and analyzes the GOOSE protocol to identify where problems occur in real time, monitoring communication and providing engineers with clear indications of status changes and message alerts.


GOOSE Commissioning

GOOSE Auditor is a solution for engineers commissioning IEC 61850 substations. It consists of two components: a tap to filter and capture GOOSE packets and an application to perform protocol analysis. A handheld tap captures the messages to GOOSE Monitor, which displays the topology of the installation, the configuration and status of each node, the messages between IEDs, the changes caused by the protocol, and reports any events that may occur.

Substations using GOOSE have to deal with thousands of messages exchanged between IEDs. Trying to determine whether a particular sequence is working properly is difficult, while identifying the causes of a failure or malfunction can be almost impossible because the messages are cryptic to decode or correlate.

Fig 1. GOOSE Monitor includes IED List, IED Diagram, IED Details, and a Log.


Protocol Analysis

GOOSE Auditor accurately and quickly identifies the information contained in the messages and displays the data structures and alarms, eliminating the need to look at tables or interpret details that are difficult to remember and are not a safe way to work in critical applications. GOOSE Auditor does all this automatically, displaying network relationships, protocol flows and status recording the event in a log to help interpret the GOOSE protocol safely and quickly.

Fig 2. Applications: Configuration, Installation, Acceptance and Troubleshooting.


Substation engineers can use GOOSE Auditor to view the complete architecture of the network and messages flows devices in real-time

  • Design & Configuration of substations
  • GOOSE Installation
  • IED Acceptance
  • IEC-61850 Commissioning
  • GOOSE Troubleshouting

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