Net.Time New Software

ALBEDO TELECOM announces the release of a new software for the Net.Time φ, Net.Time Ω and Net.Time τ PTP and NTP grandmasters.


New software version 1.4.1 for Net.Time φ, Net.Time Ω and Net.Time τ network clocks. The new software adds support for the ITU-T PTP Telecom profiles and Synchronous Ethernet. These are critical technologies in 5G deployments and other applications. The new software load also includes a new implementation of  SNMP including both protocol version 2c and 3 to cover a wide range of management applications requiring advanced symmetric encryption and authentication.

Net.Time φ is a PTP/NTP over PRP clock designed to facilitate the integration of conventional substations with the new IEC 61850 standards. Net.Time Ω is a flexible clock ideal for industries that are using NTP servers but plan to migrate to PTP or have to support legacy protocols such as IRIG-B. Net.Time τ is a PTP Grandmaster clock designed to satisfy frequency and phase synchronization requirements of wireless network such as 4G and 5G requiring PTP.

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