Net.Hunter New Software

ALBEDO TELECOM announces the release of a new software for the Net.Hunter handheld wirespeed capture device.


New software version 2.6.1 for the Net.Hunter handheld capture device is available for download.  Net.Hunter is a compact device with screen, keyboard and batteries. It captures and records at full wirespeed in full duplex. Consequently is ready to assist those who need to monitor and capture critical data, protocols and VoIP conversations, everything transparently without disturbing live traffic. This appliance manages the traffic using switch-like technology to aggregate the traffic allowing monitoring of both sides of a full duplex conversation making the analysis much easier to lawful experts and telecom engineers.

Monitoring ports include SFP, RJ45 and Wi-Fi, while captured packets can be either recorded in PCAP format with NTP synchronization or tapped to a LAN in real time. Net.Hunter has no IP or MAC address therefore it is invisible, moreover, it works at full bit rate 1+1Gbit/s without generating any delay, jitter or packet loss.

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