Net.Time New Software

ALBEDO TELECOM announces the release of a new software for the Net.Time φ, Net.Time Ω and Net.Time τ PTP and NTP grandmasters.


New software version 1.4.4 for Net.Time φ, Net.Time Ω and Net.Time τ network clocks. The new release adds software support to units with LCD screen. The Net.Time screen displays information about local or UTC time, date, GNSS coordinates and many other parameters about clock configuration and status.

Net.Time φ is a PTP/NTP over PRP clock designed to facilitate the integration of conventional substations with the new IEC 61850 standards. Net.Time Ω is a flexible clock ideal for industries that are using NTP servers but plan to migrate to PTP or have to support legacy protocols such as IRIG-B. Net.Time τ is a PTP Grandmaster clock designed to satisfy frequency and phase synchronization requirements of wireless network such as 4G and 5G requiring PTP.

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