Net.Time in Hong Kong

Seedland Integrator, a pioneering force in the world of embedded solutions, has deployed Net.Time, ALBEDO's advanced PTP/NTP network clock, with robust redundancy architecture, in a Data Center Operations.


Seamless Synchronization Unleashed

by Seedland Solutions transforming a Data Center Operations in Hong Kong

In the bustling heart of Hong Kong, where technological innovation meets architectural brilliance, a success story unfolds within the confines of a state-of-the-art Data Hall. Seedland Integrator, a pioneering force in the world of embedded solutions, has deployed Net.Time, ALBEDO’s advanced PTP/NTP network clock, with robust redundancy architecture. This success narrative weaves a story of perfect timing, efficiency and profitability, strengthened by a redundant system that ensures uninterrupted operations.


Fig 1. Data Center Operations.

Client’s Challenge

The client, a prominent entity in the data management, faced a unique challenge. Spread across multiple floors of a state-of-the-art building, their array of critical machines, including Building Management System (BMS), Computer Room Air Handlers (CRAH), and Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS), demanded impeccable synchronization. The intricate web of operations connecting each floor through Cat6 cables required a robust solution to ensure precision, accuracy, and unison across their diverse machinery.


Fig 2. Net.Time as PTP Master.

The Solution – Net.Time with Redundancy

Net.Time, renowned for its MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) exceeding 150,000 hours, was deployed with a focus on redundancy. Seedland Integrator orchestrated a deployment strategy that included a full redundant architecture, featuring:

  • Two GNSS Receivers: Ensuring redundancy in satellite signal reception, mitigating the risk of signal loss or disruptions.
  • Two Net.Time Units: Providing redundancy at the core of the synchronization system, guaranteeing continuous and reliable timekeeping.
  • Interconnected Net.Times: Creating a resilient network where both Net.Times communicate seamlessly, further fortifying the redundancy framework.
  • Dual Connectivity to Core Switches: Each Net.Time unit is connected to both Core Switches, establishing a redundant link that ensures continuous synchronization even in the event of network disruptions.

Fig 3. Net.Time redundancy.

Achievements with Redundancy

Advantages of the redundant architecture, backed by Net.Time:

  • Enhanced Reliability: robust MTBF, elevates the reliability of the synchronization system to unprecedented levels.
  • Uninterrupted Operations: With redundant GNSS Receivers, Net.Time Units, and dual connectivity to Core Switches, the data center ensures uninterrupted operations, safeguarding against potential points of failure.
  • Resilient Network: The interconnected Net.Times create a resilient architecture where the redundancy in both hardware and connectivity ensures the continuity of synchronized operations.

Fig 2. Net.Time a clock for Telecom, Data Centers, Finance and Broadcasting.

The Impact

The successful integration of Net.Time by Seedland Integrator, with a strategic emphasis on redundancy, has not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. The synchronized symphony of machinery now operates with an added layer of resilience, reducing the impact of potential disruptions and fortifying the data center against unforeseen challenges. This success story showcases the power of innovation and collaboration, where Seedland Integrator and ALBEDO have not just synchronized time but have future-proofed the data center against the test of time.

Fig 5. Net.Time family of PTP/NTP Network Clocks.

About Net.Time

Net.Time is a PTP/NTP over PRP clock allows for multiple configurations to meet the timing demands of any industry, including data centres, stock exchange, broadcast, IoT, power utilities, or air traffic control. The result is always a reliable and fault-tolerant solution to loss of reference, network outages and power failures.

Simultaneously Net.Time ? simplifies the migration to PTP without abandoning investments in NTP, IRIG-B or BITS, facilitating on this way the integration, interaction/translation of all types of signals, profiles or protocols

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