Testing with xGenius

xGenius is a tester to install and maintain Telecom and Utility networks with new and legacy interfaces including GbE up to 10G, PTP, NTP, SyncE, ToD, IRIG-B, T1 / E1, C37.94, RS-232, G703, and it also captures protocols like GOOSE, SV or MMS.

BARCELONA 08.10.22

xGenius: a multitechnology tester

xGenius is equipped with all of the features you may need or imagine such including BER, RFC2544, eSAM, Multistream, MPLS, Jitter, Wander, etc. to permit the verification of the transmission layer in those terms of performance and quality required to support audio, video or critical data applications. Built-in Rubidium / GPS clock The integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver allows easy connection and use while fast acquisitions and excellent accuracy minimizing the time impairments of external devices. This an ideal solution to synchronize thanks to top performance in holdover mode while top accuracy in a real hand-held battery operated IP tester.


Fig 1. Industry applications of xGenius.


Power Utilities
Power utility companies must protect high voltage lines and monitor them constantly. Communication between power substations using the standard C37.94 is fundamental order to ensure correct operation while controlling every single alarm and failure. With xGenius a fully integrated test is possible.

Mobile telecom
Operators have different synchronization requirements. Some of them running 3G may still maintain legacy E1 solely for syntonization. Those focused on LTE, see the impending need for distributing phasesynchronization and also want to avoid having to install GPS receivers at every single cell site. Alternatives are SyncE and PTP that simplify the architecture and can be turned-up with ALBEDO testers.


Fig 2. xGenius modules.


LTE networks are demanding of accurate frequency and phase time references, particularly those architectures that consider small cells where the frequency re- utilization is a key factor of performance. The tester can set up the synchronization network with an external reference or recovering it from data, or using the built-in Rubidium disciplined with GPS.


During the installation of PTP connectivity problems may occur between the master and slave units. When troubleshooting these links, the tester can be used in Terminate mode to capture PTP messaging on both the transmit and receive test ports up to 10 Gbit/s. The tester simultaneously generates, receives, and captures PTP messages on the circuit under test.


It monitors IRIG-B00X, B12X, B13X, B14X, B15X, B22X. Balanced and unbalanced inputs. Includes IRIG-B frame analysis, phase (TE) and frequency test including wander TIE / MTIE / TDEV.

One-way delay

One-way Delay (OWD) saves hours of troubleshooting by detecting asymmetric traffic delays. Accuracies 10 times greater than most common SLA can be attained, network providers to differentiate their offering and allowing network planners to understand the delay tolerances affecting their applications

C37.94 test

Field engineers can use this tester to turn up new C37.94 deployments, or to troubleshoot teleprotection relays and multiplexer by means features such as bit error rate testing (BERT), G.821, events analysis/generation, optical power meter one-way / round-trip delay, etc.

Fig 3. xGenius interfaces up to 10 Gb/s

to facilitate engineers to verify protection system that prevent outages in a power substations.

Wirespeed packet capture

xGenius is equipped with a unique technology that ensures packet capture of selected flows and then save them in PCAP format of live traffic in full duplex mode. You can overcome most of the limitations of capture devices, firewalls, protocol analyzers running on Laptops or PCs.

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