Pepe Caballero

About Pepe Caballero

JMC (known as Pepe) is ALBEDO GM. He is expert in Telecom and Power Utility protocols. He has been teacher at the UPC university and author of several books about SONET/SDH and Triple Play and has published a number of papers about the instalatio and maintenance of IEC-61850 in Power Utilties.

Meet us in Cardiff

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The programme research for this year’s event revealed that the IEC 61850 community is ready to embrace the next phase of IEC 61850 deployments, in terms of laying the organisational foundations, embracing next generation virtualised and centralised architectures, adopting automated engineering and testing procedures, and applying innovative solutions such as digital twin to support cybersecure remote testing and maintenance. All of this and more will be addressed in the course of this year’s week-long programme.

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