Ether.Genius New Software

ALBEDO TELECOM announces the release of new software for the Ether.Genius handheld Gigabit Ethernet and E1/T1 generator and analyzer.


New software version 2.26.1 for the Ether.Genius Gigabit Ethernet and E1 / T1 traffic generator and analyzer includes new performance statistics for PTP / IEEE 1588, more advanced controls for GNSS references and many other improvements related with system performance and stability.

ALBEDO Ether.Genius has been designed to deploy and troubleshoot E1, Datacom and Gigabit Ethernet supporting standards such as Y.1564 & Y.1731 for Ethernet service commissioning. It includes advanced synchronization testing features in Synchronous Ethernet, PTP and legacy networks. Ether.Genius is also an excellent tool for commissioning and troubleshooting tele-protection applications based on the IEEE C37.94, E1, T1 and other interfaces.


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