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  • ODT DEC.01.2023

    The challenges of delivering the PTP telecom profile with the required accuracy are important in Ethernet / MPLS networks. There is also a renewed interest in time testing for both network commissioning and troubleshooting.

  • BARCELONA APR/4/2024

    ALBEDO TELECOM announces the release of new software for the Ether.Genius handheld Gigabit Ethernet and E1/T1 generator and analyzer.

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  • MIAMI NOV.10.2023

    The PTP Utility profile is tailored for utility applications, particularly power distribution and smart grid systems, to ensure accurate time synchronization among devices in these critical infrastructures.

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  • MEDELLIN NOV.14-16.2023

    Visit us in Colombia at FISE fair where the most important manufacturers of the industry participate. There we will present Net.Time clock a big success in the region as well as xGenius tester preferred by engineers in the US, Canada and Germany.

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  • BARCELONA NOV/07/2023

    Performance measurement of a BC running the ITU-T G.8275.1 profile which is deployed in networks with full timing support in all their nodes. In practical terms, full timing support requires that all network nodes implement the T-BC function.

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  • BARCELONA NOV/11/2023

    The xGenius tester is equipped with two independent 10Gbs ports capable of testing network clocks to verify synchronisation capabilities using multiple master and slave PTP configurations.

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