xGenius & Zeus  Hands-On

Whether you’re dealing with telecom networks or energy industry communications, xGenius and Zeus offer you a wide range of features and capabilities. Both are testers designed for the installation and maintenance of communications, supporting legacy and new generation interfaces to verify Ethernet / IP, PTP, SyncE, ToD, IRIG-B, T1 / E1, C37.94, RS-232, G703 and protocols such as GOOSE, SV or MMS, giving you perfect visibility and control of your infrastructures to improve both quality and performance.

1. xGenius Tester Hands-On Courses

Readme First
Begin your journey by understanding the essentials. The Readme section provides valuable insights, tips, and prerequisites to ensure a seamless learning experience with xGenius.

Fig 1. Connexion to the laptop for VNC control.

Master the art of connecting xGenius to your network infrastructure. Learn the ins and outs of integration, setting the stage for a robust testing experience.

GNSS Setup
Delve into the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) setup, ensuring precise synchronization for accurate testing scenarios.

Event Logger Setup
Explore the significance of the Event Logger setup, capturing and analyzing critical events to enhance troubleshooting and maintenance efforts.

2. TDM Tests

E1/T1 Pulse
Dive into E1/T1 Pulse testing, understanding pulse characteristics and ensuring optimal performance in time-sensitive applications.

Fig 2. E1/T1 Pulse Mask.

E1/T1 Jitter Test
Explore the world of jitter testing, where xGenius evaluates and measures the stability of E1/T1 signals.

E1/T1 Wander Tester
Learn the nuances of wander testing, addressing signal wander to ensure the integrity of time-sensitive communications.

Fig 3. MTIE plot for Wander measurement.

3. Teleprotection Tests

C37.94 RTD Test
Master the C37.94 Round-Trip Delay (RTD) test, a critical element in teleprotection systems ensuring swift and accurate relay operations.

Fig 4. xGenius front pannel with network interfaces.

C37.94 OWD Test
Explore the C37.94 One-Way Delay (OWD) test, guaranteeing seamless communication in teleprotection networks.

C37.94 Through
Understand how xGenius facilitates C37.94 throughput testing, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

C37.94 Impairments
Dive deep into C37.94 impairments testing, addressing challenges to ensure robust teleprotection system functionality.

Fig 5. Event logger.


IRIG-B Monitor
Uncover the significance of IRIG-B monitoring and how xGenius keeps a vigilant eye on this critical time synchronization signal.

5. Serial Communications

Contradirectional Test
Master the contradirectional test for serial communications, ensuring bidirectional data transmission without compromise.

Fig 6. Contradirectional Test.

Verify Datacom
Explore the verification of data communication, guaranteeing the accuracy and integrity of transmitted data.

6. Ethernet/IP Tests

RFC2544 Test

Benchmark the performance, reliability, and scalability of network devices by measuring key parameters of your Ethernet network or device by assuring the capabilities under different traffic conditions.

eSAM Test
Gain insights into the Ethernet Service Activation Measurement (eSAM) test, validating the performance and reliability of Ethernet services.

Fig 7. Services activation using eSAM Test with xGenius.

IP Delay
Explore the intricacies of IP delay testing, ensuring optimal latency and responsiveness in IP-based networks.

Loop Back Events
Master the loopback events feature, a key tool in diagnosing network issues and ensuring seamless data flow.

Loop Mode
Understand the loop mode functionality, allowing you to simulate network scenarios and test infrastructure resilience.

Fig 8. Configuration of Rubidium or OCXO oscillator.

Delve into MPLS testing with RFC2544, ensuring compliance with industry standards and optimal network performance.

Traffic Test
Explore traffic testing to simulate real-world scenarios and ensure your MPLS network can handle varying loads without compromising performance.

7. Timing Tests

Slave 1PPS Test
Master the Slave 1 Pulse Per Second (1PPS) test, ensuring accurate timing synchronization in your network.

Fig 9. Slave 1PPS Test.

Slave PTP Test
Explore the Slave Precision Time Protocol (PTP) test, verifying synchronization accuracy in PTP-based timing architectures.

NTP Server Test
Understand the significance of Network Time Protocol (NTP) server testing, ensuring precise timekeeping in distributed systems.

8. IEC 61850

GOOSE Analysis
Delve into the analysis of GOOSE messages, ensuring reliable and secure communication in substation automation networks.

Fig 10. GOOSE Capture, Analysis and Decoding.


Embark on a journey of knowledge and mastery with xGenius and Zeus testers. These multitechnology solutions are equipped with all the features you need to install and maintain robust telecom and power industry networks. Say goodbye to carrying multiple testers – xGenius and Zeus offer a consolidated approach for field engineers, making network turn-up and monitoring more efficient than ever. Stay tuned for more in-depth insights and practical tips in our upcoming blog posts!

Fig 11. Zeus and xGenius are the two most popular and featured testers to test PTP.

ALBEDO PTP  testers

ALBEDO xGenius is a multitechnology tester equipped with 8’ screen and all the features you need to install and maintain telecom networks up to 10Gigabit Ethernet It supports legacy and new generation interfaces in order to verify Ethernet / IP, PTP, SyncE, ToD, IRIG-B, T1 / E1, C37.94, RS-232, G703 and check protocols such as GOOSE, SV or MMS. It is suitable for measuring legacy and next-gen networks as it has the most common interfaces. Field engineers do not need to carry any more several testers or multiple modules to turn up and monitor telecom infrastructures.

xGenius is equipped with all of the features you may need or imagine such including BER, RFC2544, eSAM, Multistream, MPLS, Jitter, Wander, etc. to permit the verification of the transmission layer in those terms of performance and quality required to support audio, video or critical data applications.

Built-in Rubidium / GPS clock

The integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver allows easy connection and use while fast acquisitions and excellent accuracy minimizing the time impairments of external devices. This an ideal solution to synchronize thanks to top performance in holdover mode while top accuracy in a real hand-held battery operated IP tester.

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