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  • BARCELONANOV.17.2023

    Round Trip Delay test over C37.94 is critical in teleprotection applications, where timely and accurate message communication is essential for the proper operation of protective relays and the quality of the power service.

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  • BARCELONA NOV.17.2023

    This test involves introducing simulated disturbances into the C37.94 channel to assess how the teleprotection can handle adverse conditions as it can be subject to signal distortion, noise, interference, and other that can affect its reliability.

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  • BARCELONA NOV.17.2023

    The Through Mode test is performed to ensure that the communication equipment correctly supports the C37.94 standard, allowing data to pass through without being processed; the xGenius or Zeus tester verifies that this functionality works correctly.

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  • SAN DIEGO JUNE.06.22

    C37.94 is a widely used method in the industry for protecting power lines. It automatically trips a breaker on a line in the event of a fault, to isolate the fault and minimize damage to equipment and interruptions to power supply.


    ALBEDO TELECOM announces the release of a new software for the Ether.Giga handheld Ethernet analyzer.

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  • OKLAHOMA - JUNE 2022

    Packet sniffing of live traffic has become a common practice in Power Utilities since the deployment of IEC 61850 in order to analyse protocols such as GOOSE, SV, PTP and NTP