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  • ZARAGOZA APR.08.2024

    This is a XGSPON/GPON analyser that captures and interprets PLOAM and OMCI data, extracts user traffic at Ethernet layer, measures optical power and detect and report line fault. Ideal for PON installation, ONT/OLT certification and troubleshooting.

  • SAN JOSE MARCH.06.2024

    Welcome to the cutting-edge world of ALBEDO's transmission & synchronization testers. In this post, we're providing a comprehensive set of hands-on courses that will facilitate you to harness the full potential of the most advanced T&M solutions.

  • BARCELONA NOV.20.2023

    Controlling jitter in E1 and T1 lines is required for maintaining the reliability, accuracy, and quality of digital communication ensuring proper synchronization, data integrity, and performance in timing, voice and data applications.

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  • BARCELONA NOV.17.2023

    One-Way Delay test is important for verifying IEEE C37.94-compliant teleprotection systems because it directly assesses critical aspects such as timing, fault response, coordination, compliance with standards, and overall network reliability.

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  • BARCELONANOV.17.2023

    Round Trip Delay test over C37.94 is critical in teleprotection applications, where timely and accurate message communication is essential for the proper operation of protective relays and the quality of the power service.

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  • BARCELONA NOV.17.2023

    This test involves introducing simulated disturbances into the C37.94 channel to assess how the teleprotection can handle adverse conditions as it can be subject to signal distortion, noise, interference, and other that can affect its reliability.

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