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  • ZARAGOZA APR.08.2024

    This is a XGSPON/GPON analyser that captures and interprets PLOAM and OMCI data, extracts user traffic at Ethernet layer, measures optical power and detect and report line fault. Ideal for PON installation, ONT/OLT certification and troubleshooting.

  • MICHIGAN MAY/02/2023

    GOOSE Auditor displays the IED topology and analyzes the GOOSE protocol to identify where problems occur in real time, monitoring communication and providing engineers with clear indications of status changes and message alerts.

  • Miami 12.14.22

    Net.Shark is the world first Filtering, Capture, Storage, Aggregation Tap developed in a field platform or in a rack. It supports ALL the features of high-end taps in a small, battery operated instrument to provide mobility and storage capacity.

  • OKLAHOMA - JUNE 2022

    Packet sniffing of live traffic has become a common practice in Power Utilities since the deployment of IEC 61850 in order to analyse protocols such as GOOSE, SV, PTP and NTP

  • BARCELONA 08.10.22

    xGenius is a tester to install and maintain Telecom and Utility networks with new and legacy interfaces including GbE up to 10G, PTP, NTP, SyncE, ToD, IRIG-B, T1 / E1, C37.94, RS-232, G703, and it also captures protocols like GOOSE, SV or MMS.


    Use xGenius and Zeus to analyaze GOOSE which is a IEC 61850 messaging system used by IEDs and mission critical applications to tell about substation events , such as commands, alarms, indications and measurements.

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